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While at Headlands I will be finalizing the text for two new plays. Water and Wood is a solo performance work based on anonymous notes and highlighted sections of texts found within the pages of used books. Centered on a self-proclaimed iconoclast, the work mimics structures found within Dante’s, Devine Comedy and the interviews of Harry Smith. Group Therapy looks at the inner workings of L.A. based theater company Poor Dog Group’s members as they commit to receiving a year of real therapy with a licensed professional. Inspired by Yasujir Ozu’s film, Floating Weeds, Poor Dog Group transforms this beautiful film about the company we keep, hardships, and anti-redemption into medicinal live art. The impact of four weeks at Headlands to refine and challenge the ideas within both these projects, will allow for a reactionary position towards my process.

I work for the city. I know that this guy saw, this hermit guy who like a magician with a big blanket wrapped around him, part of a clothe's darkest BandraumDecke, part moves, the child has had come pianos . I asked how long he has in the city, where he came from . He said he was born in the womb of the Hirsch. He told me that he had in his house had two hawks locked up in there.


Sometimes I will have to compensate for the parties as to. Fake me in a situation . I find out how to live. How to live the clean life. Not more alcohol , nothing like that. Only good, clean life. I bypass me in good, clean living. Fresh food from the region, more root vegetables, things like that. No tobacco or Eis-Sandwiches , unless they are all home-made, and only every once in a while not every night, that kind of thing.



Water and Wood is a solo performance work that mimics idioms found within Dante’s, Purgatorio and seminal Video Art figures from the 1970's.


Water and Wood meditates on youthful psyche and the conditions of everyday life including desperation, poverty, the heroic and sexuality. Expanding on Bonnell’s on-going curiosity with provoking theatrical form, questioning how images and language placed just out of reason become haunting and beautiful mysteries, Water and Wood looks at the ontological nature of shared experience with a focus on depicting the “heroic figure.”


The play utilizes dichotomies such as wealth vs. poverty and authenticity vs. appropriation as a way to illustrate symbolic boundaries. Drawing from “hero” motifs, Bonnell explores non-linear storytelling at the cross-section of contemporary and ancient forms.